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live-esque studies


sounds that resemble recordings, recordings that have been and possibly still can be consumed.
AUR 012 | vanunawaw : meltdown 77 17.03.2019
AUR 011 | tony bevan + williwaw : where did they all go? 13.05.2018
AUR 010 | tony bevan + williwaw : paula would like to sing a song just the now 15.07.2017
AUR 009 | take a vacation from yourself 17.11.2015
AUR 008 | poem tones 12.04.2015
The poem tones are a series of simulations of the sounds heard during breaks in williwaw sets at the Old Hairdressers witnessed by a stalwart few on the second Sunday of each and almost every month. But it's a bit more than that wholly uninviting concept. The poem tones exist at the perimeter of the williwaw endeavour: nearly automated music based on the feedback that comes from amplifying an 'ukulele. For each poem tone, a different 'ukulele was plugged into a unique pair of patches (effect chains) feeding two amplifiers, recorded digitally in stereo on the west end of the sleeping quarters at donkeyscratch industries (i.e., my bedroom). Each poem tone reflects the resonance of the 'ukulele - a different tone - as well as contact-mic/piezo used: three sopranos (two with different contact mics, one with under-the-saddle piezo), a concert/tenor, a resonator and a large taro-patch fiddle (tenor 8-string). Wait, says the discerning reader, that's seven, and there's eight -count 'em, eight - poem tones. Yes, discerning reader, as the discerning listener has no doubt heard a similarity in resonant tones, the same set up was used for poem tone one and poem tone two. For each poem tone the conceit is that it was nearly automated, as idle hands are the devil's playthings, and the devil takes the form of various knob twirlings, some aurally apparent, some hopefully less so. Each wee session - on separate afternoons/early evenings/dusks - was rather quiet, as to not disturb the neighbours' dog. Edits - more conceit! - were quickly cobbled together and equalized for a touch more rumble-'n'-tumble. Despite the relatively low levels during recording - witness the loud clicks of switches throughout - the low tones induced audible rattling (esp. poem tone eight).
AUR 007 | another diversionette 17.04.2013
recorded live and direct to virtual tape by jamie savage at chem19 studios, hamilton, scotland, on 17. april 2013. wenn ich diese taste drück, spielt sie eine kleines musikstück is another medley of tunes of similar vanguard and vintage: vienna [cann / cross / currie / ure] + die mensch-maschine [bartos / hütter / schneider] + perpetuum mobile [jeffes] + enola gay [mccluskey]. The step LFO and the general loop that carries through much of this mess fell out of synch, so the step LFO was looped itself to disorienting if slightly more synchronized effect. unchained is the (more) minor version of the van halen staple unchained which was plagued but then embraced by some howling.
AUR 006 | the diversionette 15.07.2011
williwaw presents :the diversionette:
fall was originally written by wayne shorter as a beautiful chaconne and recorded on the miles davis quintet long player nefertiti. neonlicht wurde ursprünglich von rolf hütter florian schneider und klaus bartos geschrieben und aufgenommen von dem ausführenden ensembles kraftwerk als eine wohlklingende reise auf ihrem meisterwerk die mensch-maschine. both were rendered as gnadenlose einführungen in bewegungslosigkeit und niedergang by the two hands two feet und vier verstärktepolyamidsaiten under the direction of wm mcallister whitmer. the diversionette was recorded in a most audio-vérité fashion by jamie savage at chem19 studios on saint swithuns day 2011 . mastered by weasel walter. artwork by fist. hand played recorded drawn printed and assembled in scotland.
the diversionette was released on the 15. march 2012 and is available in limited quantities for you to love and to cherish - to hug and to pet and to call George, even - through willicamp as well as through the giant virtual-commerce megaliths of Google and PayPal...
...and also available locally - within good ol' glasgow - at monorail (Kings Court), love music (Dundas Street) and aye-aye books (Sauchiehall Street).
AUR 006b | the diversionette : RETURN OF THE EARTH MEN REMIXES 15.03.2012
all the remixes can be heard in the li'l embedded player above and o'er at willicamp.
neonlicht [the taperecorder reamalgamation]
fall [gkmachine remix]
neonlicht [gkmachine remix]
fall [skizzwang mono-as-you-go-mix]
neonlicht [skizzwang mono-as-you-go-mix]
the diversiondubette [williwaw]
AUR 005 | the so-do-mi-la super-maxi-cassette-single 19.10.2010
recorded by jamie savage at chem19 (hamilton, scotland) on 19. october 2010. bowed 'ukuleles were recorded added afterwards, as is their custom. otherwise recorded live as a cacophonous series of boolean decisions using a variety of finely aged european microphones. closing material more borrowed than inspired from john adams' shaker loops, I: shaking and trembling without any thought of permissions.
AUR 004 | the kids are not ready 02.2002
what good waffles do part A
ryans song part one
what good waffles do part C
ryans song part two
what good waffles do part D
ryans song part four
what good waffles do part E
ryans song part three
what good waffles do part F

original liner notes

[drums : ryan rapsys | recording : kip rainey]. the kids are not ready was recorded over several nights during the second month of the second year of the new apocalypse. for waffles one amp was set in the washer another in the dryer and an oh-so-plaintive song ensued. for ryans song mister rapsys played while listening and listened while playing - to maintain maximum freshness - to different parts of the same long uke dribble. some baritone ukes and the beloved doctor rhythm were added (to differing parts) because they were there. many thanks : kip kristin ryan noah st. pokie greg chad hothouse and the divine miss m.
AUR 003 | a portrait of shelves 13.02.2000
disc one, track one - juju (wayne shorter)
disc one, track two - the phonocrat
disc one, track three - janizar, part one
disc one, track four - les phonocratiques en clave
disc two, track one - les sons d'janissarie
disc two, track two - and one day you will die ... soon
disc two, track three - janizar, part two
disc three, track one - janizar, part three and so on

original liner notes

channeled by rick valentin during the apotheosis of charlie brown 13. february 2000. ma phonocrat is faite. ce chanson me ravit. je voudrais le faire voir cette belle cruit nue chaussee gantee et coifee de noir soie peau et velours et les yeuz bandes se promenant sur une frise de marbre conduite part un cochon | "queue d'or" | travers un ciel bleu. trois amours les amours anciens disparaissent en pleurant. then falls to praise the hardy janizar that sucks his horse side thirsting in the war. grace a f. rops et b. hall. thanks to rick rose kip chad santanu che chris frontier parasol illinois faeries with boots and you
AUR 002 | shimmering coaster of light 1997-1998
there are still cold, hard and -yes- shimmering copies of this particular recording available. please contact your local donkeyscratch industries representative (info @ this domain name) to obtain your very own, if you don't already have one of your very own. it has even been reviewed more than once; take a gander at the williwaw shinola page for the highs and lows of praise-based prose.
01. pierpont ✩
02. cherryvale - dayshift ✭
03. pit stop (pissing my life away) ✩
04. cherryvale - nightshift ✭
05. the end of h’ai ✩
06. cherryvale - spacetoiletshift ✭
07. miltball ✭
08. fried! dipped in LQRTHNR v5.2 ✪
✩ channeled by rick valentin 20.12.98
✪ WEFT 90.1FM transmission 12.07.98
✭ channeled by rick valentin 08.03.97

original liner notes [pre-sparkys-magic-piano-translation-hijinks]

pierpont. two hours per day. ten hours per week. three hundred and sixty hours per year. the years coalesce and fade but every time the school bus careened around that hairpin as though there wasn't another moment to spare, prompting repeated glorious hallucinations of our collective gruesome passing. another year another week another day another hour another glorious moment spent merrily careening along pierpont road. warning: this particular happening reeks at short but uncertain points of the foul stench of extraneous and irrelevant overlapping of material. hello anthony frank iommi. cherryvale (dayshift). cherryvale is a contraction of cherry valley. cherry valley is a small town that rubs the southeastern corner of rockford. cherryvale is a shopping mall. wage slaves, wax candles, and bad pants. this particular version is for all the lovers in the house. pit stop. so much time spent in the bathroom. so much time spent staring at the bathroom tile. one particular pattern resembled a rabbit and a hound on a park bench. so much time spent pissing my life away. the world is a cracked toilet that no longer rings. cherryvale (nightshift). i am not your content provider, but that parking space might be if you wait long enough. they might be coming. they might be going. they just might be. wait and see. wait. this particular juxtaposition is for all the rock music cliché lovers in the house. the end of h'ai. staten island may call you, any night, any day. in your heart, you'll hear it call you, come away. staten island will whisper on the wind of the sea, here am i, your special island, come to me. if you try, you'll find me where the sky meets the sea, here am i, your special island, come to me. staten island, someday you'll see me, soiled rags in the sunshine, my head sticking out from a low flying cloud. come to me, staten island, come to me. cherryvale (spacetoiletshift). we try to keep our restrooms clean. if prior guests have been inconsiderate, please set them on fire. miltball. i'm out. me too. i'm the sole survivor. fried! [lqr thnr v5.2]. before leaving a town once called home two local aerojugglenauts transmitted this message to the frequency-modulated masses. an innocent amp died in the process. this is its story.
AUR 001 | sixty minutes of dolby (c) reduced noise 07.1996
side a
LQR THNR 4.0 part 1
LQR THNR 4.0 part 2
syrup on th' pancakes
LQR THNR part 3
side b
LQR THNR part 4
MULCIBER (architect of pandaemonium)

original liner notes

channeled by rick valentin 22 june 1996. many thanks rick + rose frank gill rising bob t.j. harrison pat hawley jeff collins nick rudd paul rudolph. the planet j-card all-star liz cosgrove. jill miller santanu braid john ward chris jim tim amy c-u my brother greg. (c) 1996 a driver has no cash production.
AUR 000 | volume one (selections) ca. 1992-3
pent-up infirmary (rollins / primrose) 00:48

post hoc notes

[soprano 'ukulele, ruan or liuqin] / [add banjo-uke]. having considered itself something of a trumpet player, though without much of a proper embouchure, williwaw tried out for the university jazz band upon arriving at Ye Olde College for scholastic pursuits (truth be told: williwaw came without pursuit, hence the eventual floundering of its scholastic achievements in lieu of said pursuits). the try-out consisted of a blur of nerves and awkward silences, and the chart Pent-up House by Sonny Rollins. williwaw tried a novel concept - practice - but it only cemented the distance between considering oneself a trumpet player and being a trumpet player. and the tune stayed in the poor, dejected sod's head for days, months and years afterward. so here it is, transposed for uke and sandwiched with the perennial favorite, St. James Infirmary.
one must recognize the truth / tanglefoot 04:22
[turntable, aquaphone [modulated pocket trumpet], alto clarinet] / [soprano 'ukulele, banjo-uke, alto-clarinet mouthpiece, percussion (sticks, bongos)]
oh! berlin 01:31
[turntable, soprano 'ukulele, sotto voce]
don't ever dig holes 00:59
[soprano 'ukuleles, turntable]
john hughes film 02:00
[baritone 'ukulele, aquaphone, soprano 'ukulele]
AUR 000b | volume one (remixes) 30.04.2004
john hughes film - version 07:57
don't ever dig holes - version 01:03

post hoc notes

these remixes/reduxes/rerunzas were done during a particular slow day at the hearing institute using the extinct waveform editor, CoolEdit 2000. These are part of an ongoing refriggery project, our very lives are being compressed, which started with some general temporal restructuring of some field recordings of las vegas casinos - the vegasmasses project. it then grew when attempts to boost the sound of the first williwaw ensemble show went horribly awry. if interested in any part of the our very lives are being compressed project, please contact your local donkeyscratch industries representative (info at this domain name).


other - arguably better - signs of live-esque living can be found inside the williwaw eyesore emporium or away from this site here and a ways o'er to the williwaw YouTuberie guide to live-esque living.
two great sounds that sound great together: winter and sweets 14.05.2014
ampdusting on a sunday morning 24.04.2017
a song for bill and his bad teeth 09.04.2017
on birdsongs and blownspeakers 12.03.2017
where is the love? here it is 12.02.2017
a brief satie-esque gaze upon the shoe 08.01.2017
the medley sampler 11.10.2015
a somber soundtracking snippet 12.07.2015
the inaugural second sunday sipping story 08.03.2015
now is the winter of our discombobulating sounds 11.01.2014
a farewell to mister barnes
the usual autumnal chores of cascading sound and clipped audio 12.10.2014
collapsing chairs and clipping audio 14.09.2014
trying to put the pieces back together 08.06.2014
a coronach for john (excerpt : coda)
duet for cafe and ukulele 24.05.2014
a farewell to mister barnes
slightly more fidelious sounds at the old hairdo 09.03.2014
autobahn (hütter/schneider) excerpt
mister barnes - softly as homemade sweatshirt version
chinese downhill - pulsed peas version
xmas pkng
this little light i saw (traditional/h. williams)
trimonious sounds with rachel drury and jamie bolland 12.01.2014
theme to a summer place (m. steiner)
the love of lo-fi living at the old hairdo 08.12.2013
typesetting 35:59
more lo-fi living at the old hairdo 08.09.2013
two variations on the theme from the Rockford Files (post/carpenter) 12:00
pulses and peas (part two) 22:52
potato salad ...the film : lo-fi and a-live at the old hairdo 14.07.2013
Chinese Downhill 1 : Here Comes Harkin 3:39
The Fucking Chavs (highly abridged) 3:01
Vienna (u. vox) 3:39
Chinese Downhill 2 : Sunny Side Up 3:45
Mister Barnes 13:48
Chinese Downhill 3 : Sunny Side Down 4:54
Chinese Downhill 4 : All The Way Around 2:56
Kendo! (breaktime) 5:02
Some Loosely Different Trains (s. reich) 22:58
a lowest-of-the-low fidelity (monaural t'boot) recording of the tenth (14th of july 2013) episode of the second sunday sipping sounds series at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Scotland.
live at the chalet 03.11.2011
unchained (anthony/roth/brothers van halen) 10:28
recording of the aural counterpoint to visual pablum The 1936 All-American Soap Box Derby, using that staple of the American Songbook, as heard from a nearby chair's perspective.
live at [a sonic soak] govanhill baths 21.08.2010
so-do-mi-la 14:32
salvaged from a highly overdriven minidisc recording. our very lives are not only being compressed, but highly limited, even. an audio-visual version of this same rambling enterprise can be found inside the williwaw eyesore emporium.
live at brown rice : set one 15.09.2008
a hymn for billy hayes 06:36
fall (w.shorter) 03:18
so-do-mi-la 15:16
a hymn for billy hayes - part two 02:52
seemless (c. abell-champion/p. pollack/s. spears/m. verzani/wm. whitmer) 03:32
a hymn for billy hayes - part three 02:54
live at brown rice : set two with daniel godston and jayve montgomery 15.09.2008
part two
part four
part six
live at the candlestick maker : williwaw vs. earth 30.07.2004
excerpt one 05:07
excerpt two 05:27
excerpt three 05:49
live at the candlestick maker 06.2002
part one 16:03
part two 12:13