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a highlight from SSSSS 2018 11.11.2018
A bit of the live interactions between williwaw and the 1929 film The Informer (d. Arthur Robison).
some sipping sights and sounds excerpts 2010-18
play 'em if you got 'em. a playlist of youtuberies from the past hrm-a-hem years. go on and have a browse. like sands in the hourglass, so to here are snippets of past sound-actions.
summer solstice sights... and sounds 21.06.2014

asphalt (mit schuhen und verstaerkern) 09.02.2014
pumpkin noodlings 11.11.2012
playing in treble at stereo / playing in stereo at mono 28/30.08.2011
[ photogravures : RGB ]
signs of life from the meltdown 28.02.2010
an audiovisual capsule of performance at the ukelear meltdown III within the land of the Geordies, newcastle-upon-tyne.
chicago is calling, will you accept the charges? 12.10.2008
scenes from the Chicago Calling Festival held at AV-aerie, just surfacing in spring of 2012.
[ photogravures : unknown ]
visual reductions of recent sound actions 15.09.2008
not one, but two visual bits of tom-foolery to accompany two segments from the 15. september 2008 brown rice sound action. the entire audio of the williwaw set from that fine autumnal evening is available at the williwaw sound emporium.
more youtuberie 30.09.2007
as almost-promised, here is the embedded linkety-link to get you a-watchin' the number-one smash hit from the long-short-of-it-player, the kids are not ready... ryans song, part one
some idle youtuberie 15.09.2007
as of now, two bits from the short/long or long/short-player the kids are not ready - available for full listen and download HERE - have been made into some sort of audiovisual mélange using some public-domain and some privately-done footage on the youtube that is so much with the overstuffing of our collective virtual eyeholes. Here are embedded/inbredded linkety-links to get you thereabouts

(for added fun, play both at once - look at you, video mixmaster-a-lotski!)
more bits like that should come soon. a public-domain dabbling into Adobe Director - of course the 30-day trial, you think I'm gonna buy it? - rendered some audiovisual delight for the hit single ryans song part one long ago, but using the wee Windows Movie Maker has yielded similar results (showing how little mastery of Adobe Director this user had), so a new version, once again, coming soon.
the way-back machine 08.06.1992
profiles in discouragement 15.02.2007
looking all inquisitive as to the nature of this novel photogravure device, in booth form, no less
portrait of the artist as the grand bespectacled inquisitor, or maybe just some sort of college student. taken in the beloved photobooth of the empty bottle at a show that most likely featured the likes of erase errata. Actually related to one-third of that fine sound-making, booty-shaking endeavour. 'Tis true.
and once upon a time, there was much rocking
taken during the salad days of hair, a Marshall 12W amp and three færies with boots (the mu-tron octave divider, ibanez metal screamer and boss chorus) at the blind pig, six taylor street, champaign, illinois, before they remodeled the joint, and well before they sold the joint, and well, well before the joint was sold back. the joint was definitely passed. when was this? we have our best people working on it.

thanks to drummer/dreamboat/elvenlord bob rising, the entertainment machine known as driver has no cash, also including said williwaw and the illustrious francis bradley gill, had garnered a show with red red meat and billy corgan experience, also known as smashing pumpkins. The driver has no cash played a medley of black sabbath tunes. The tall, tall gent with the guitar in red red meat soundchecked with Orchid (off Master of Reality). That was keen; he was in on it.

the internet says this might have happened on the 8th of june, 1992. dang - won't believe it until the flier is found. always trust in fliers, they will not lead you astray. wait, they always do.