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will there ever be another rainbow? wait and/or see.


too many streams, not enough rivers 13.09.2020
Enough with the streaming. After more than enough failures, some afternoon frolicking was recorded, loosely based on Las Vegas Tango by Gil Evans. Despite being shorter than every previous Second Sunday Sipping Sounds (...we think), it took hours to upload it to these innernettes. Just. Can't Win. Give up, give in. It can be heard o'er here.
streaming not in rivers, but in drops 09.08.2020
After the thrilling success of making a teenage computer useful again - damn your planned obsolence! - with an old version of OBS, there were still technological issues, from an accidental streaming instead of recording that resulted in nae one, but two, count 'em, two takes being released of a tete-a-tete with a James Benning film. Both, though, have this periodic sound that must've been some sort of data-cache glitch. Hrmph. The recorded version is here.
streaming not in rivers, but in drops 12.07.2020
Once again streaming driplets of sound from the confines of the homestead with a view oot the windae.
streaming not in rivers, but in drops 14.06.2020
The third - please, let it be the last - episode of the Second Sunday Safe-distance Sounds. Had prepared the window sill with a feast of seeds for the local pigeons who abstained from making a single appearance. Despite being the third in this sort of streaming-dribbling affair, there were still issues with some sort of pernicious automatic gain control. A theme was interspersed with long takes on something in a bit too much in E minor and A Repeater Pencil followed by further hum-drummery with the Qwistle. All this and more, warts 'n' all, can be witnessed here.
streaming not in rivers, but in drops 10.05.2020
The second and hopefully still on of the last episodes of the Second Sunday Stay-at-home Sounds. Was unfortunately a very lossy affair - throughput bottleneck, methinks - along with multiple forgettings of the rather simple plan of Autobahn. All the lossiness can be witnessed here.
streaming not in rivers, but in drops 12.04.2020
The first and hopefully one of the last episodes of the Second Sunday Shelter-in-place Sounds. Was a bit of a trial and full of error, but it happened, and can be witnessed here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.03.2020
You could call it a topical choice, but the film's 104 years old. Played along with August Blom's Verdens Undergang (The End Of The World). Used a chord-character template (as previously attempted with Asphalt and Underground), which resulted in some nice chromaticism and the titular apotheosis set in.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.02.2020
It was a GPO/Grierson film spectacular, with five, count 'em, five early British gems: O'er Hill and Dale, which was accompanied by an overlong treatment of A Repeater Pencil; Granton Trawler and On The Fishing Banks Of Skye, the more seasick of the two was accompanied by an E9-G9 in a triple metre, and the other by this Bmi-Gmi-D / Bmi-Ami-F#mi thingamujig; 6:30 Collection, of which an excerpt can be heard here; and two more. Crikey, quite the night for black and white!
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.01.2020
Senior moments galore! Forgot some of the video equipment, so nae fillums; couldn't locate the house amp, so went with a wee 'nother found on the grounds and gave a sounds-only sipping matinee for the first time in a good long while. Was a relief to let the sounds decide the form for themselves, though surely a bit visually dry for the huddled stalwarts.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.12.2019
Behold the thundering herd! Our amp'd uke comrade was joined by nae one, but two, count 'em, two drummers, Eva Gnatiuk and David Edwards for a night of undulating rhythms. Some well-shot home films by Henry Charles Fleischer were a bit of a trick for the impromptu trio, but some films of typographic technology set the pace for some quality din making, a snippet of which can be seen here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.11.2019
A pre-quinquagenarian fete with Mike Parr-Burman joining in on the amplified 'ukulele histrionics while the two-tint colour of The Open Road flickered onwards.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.10.2019
Finally got to see if Victor Sjostrom's 1924 circus-based tragedy [is anything circus-based not a tragedy? discuss] He Who Gets Slapped could be set against incessant variations on Stephen Sondheim's Send In The Clowns. Finally. The result? Something resembling success, though the audio result upon re-examination was a bit of a mess.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.09.2019
On the heels of a full-on drama in August and all of its formal constraints, a bit more abstraction was desired in September, which resulted in a bit more freedom - FREEDOM! - to explore the furthest depths of a few musical ideas across a bespoke assemblage of films about the Gossamer Condor mostly using a repeater pencil, then a Technicolour celebration of design using all manner of ideas mostly in B mixolydian, and then things faltered a bit by the third reel, a wave-motion film begging for better treatment than semitone oscillations.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.08.2019
After a month off from the series, our beloved amp'd uke comrade was back at it with F. W. Murnau's 1926 Faust, which goes from satan's-got-me-in-gear doom to fairy-tale romp. Several variants on H. I. Biber's Passacaglia in G were employed. While the two-hour excursion seemed to work well, revisiting the audio revealed much less semblance - clearly the visuals were dictating a form that didn't work as standalone audio. Curse these multi-modal formalist constraints!
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.06.2019
The 74th episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series featured Ernst Lubitsch's 1919 meister-romp-werk Die Austernprinzessin. Most of the sounds accompanying the comic film were based around the melodic figure d-g-f#-a-c'-b and a G-Gmi-D progression, with bits of How Dry I Am.
Radiophrenia | 87.9 FM 16.05.2019
An experiment in sound and text with Leonora Hennessy and Paul Johnston reading select aphorisms by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.05.2019
It was all audio-visual landscapes.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 04.05.2019
An impromptu joining-in with The Tony Bevan (ts/ss) and Paul Baran (syn) for a fine afternoon. Upon reflection, our beloved comrade was playing in a curiously timid mode that did not fare well upon re-listen, but bits of this may see the light of day, and the tail end of it can be heard right 'bout here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.04.2019
The Tale of the Unexpected Cellist
The plan was that our beloved amp'd uke comrade would play nice with percussive partner David Edwards (of Held fame) as they both made sonic semblances of the scenes from James Benning's El Valley Centro. During set-up, esteemed friend and estimable musician Atzi Muramatsu comes in with his 'cello. And then, through a most pleasnat misunderstanding, Atzi joins Dave and williwaw for the set, having it take on a whole new, much better dimension.
A good chunk of it can be re-witnessed, again and again, right o'er here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.03.2019
The spaceways have opened, ahoy! The showing of the 1936 strangely silent Soviet sci-fi failure Cosmic Voyage was paired with a curious bit of polytonal folly, wandering between F# and F major through many bits, attempting to make a rocket launch sound as dramatic as it looked, only to have the sonic dramatis run its course well before the rocket had indeed launched. Some new kit had made some rather fine oscillations, despite having light-emitting diodes that were pure blinding.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.02.2019
our beloved comrade was joined by small pipes maestro Donald W G Lindsay for an early evening of films of tractors, waterfalls, cottage cheese and crofts. The usual subjects that come to mind when one listens to the long sounds of pipes and ukes.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 26.01.2019
Joined The Tony Bevan and The Una McGlone for an afternoon of saxophone, contrabass and amp'd uke. The estimable Mr. Bevan recorded the first set and a bit of the second before the batteries failed to allow continued documentation of the quality sounds.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.01.2019
Started the calendar year off with a very special episode of the sipping sounds series with guest amp'd viola masterblaster Ailbhe nic Oireachtaig. The amp'd uke-viola duo made a quality din with/besides/through three films: an early advert for tractors, Build Me Straight, and The Fair Isle.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.12.2018
a last o' the year sipping sounds came in three parts: the first was something mostly in C...ish with multiple long variations to sit aside The Old & The New, a film by Enrico Cocozza about the refurbishment of a shop in Wishaw. The second was some strumming and frothing of the strings to follow a pair of children's silents on fruit and sugar. The third was mostly also in C...ish with synth-fuzz pulses to a film about a box factory that didn't have an end, because when it comes to making boxes, it never ends.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 01.12.2018
another wond'rous if short afternoon of spontaneous sounds with The Tony Bevan.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.11.2018
The birthday trifecta: amplified 'ukulele mayhem, a fine feature film and pumpkin pie. Despite using the character-as-chord technique again, the evening turned into a rather fine way to mark the aging of the amp'd uke maestro.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.10.2018
a reprise of visual material from GLAF II some three days beforehand with the usual bric-a-brac of amp'd uke sound. Not rightly sure what was played, it was all whirldwind, heat and flash.
The Glad Cafe | 1006 Pollokshaws Road | Shawlands | Glasgow 11.10.2018
The GLAF, like the great phoenix, rose again, and grew ever slightly in number: Tony Bevan, Emma Roche, Mags Smith & Kath Waumsley. There was a rather curious seating arrangement with the GLAF seated off stage and williwaw in the far corner. But the stalwart attendees said it sounded fine, and looked a treat, as the films from the Scottish Screen Archive brought out full guffaws. And raised some quid for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Unfortunately, with all manner of details, there was never a recording, as the GLAF vs. A Cliff Rescue was a glorious five minutes of flute-based, sheep-escalating drama.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.09.2018
With a rather sizeable horde to witness the proceedings, there was a rather impromptu set that accidentally kept returning to F, though first in a mixolydian then lydian flavour. The nearly feature length Forgotten Frontier can be relived in all its glory here. And the much more concise economic fable Round and Round can be relished o'er here.
Vermillion | 1508 11th Avenue | Seattle USA 22.08.2018
Still more haze. The local radio stations were actually urging people to stay indoors. Nevertheless, some folks came, saw and conquered the haze. Was a bit of a discombobulating surround-sound affair, with the Vermillion gear in the back of the space and the screen and uke in the front. And the gear including one lovely sounding subwoofer, which produced a most enticingly clear bone-shuddering throb. Tasty.
No Fun | 1709 SE Hawthorn Blvd | Portland USA 21.08.2018
'Twas a hazy, lazy night in Portland.
The Bindery | 1747 Haight Street | San Francisco USA 20.08.2018
The highly protracted world tour resumed in resplendent fashion, as the Bindery was a lovely space with a screen as big as house. A generous friend of a friend lent two amps which were nearly too ample for the space, each set at its minimum level before low-frequency roll-off kicked in. There were some musical hiccups, but the standing-room only masses dinnae seem to mind.
As the space normally hosts book readings, the local audience startled our beloved comrade after applause with the heretofore unknown: questions.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.08.2018
A prelude to the upcoming continuation of the highly protracted world tour included a reprisal of the Seasons in Scotland films along with a newly discovered gem Sunshine - Rays of Romance which seems to be about the health benefits of sun exposure, but then - spoiler - is actually an advert for irradiated yeast.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.07.2018
The birth of the Glasgow Loose Assembly of Flutes which had risen and fallen in number, but when toot came to flute there were three in the Assembly: Tony Bevan, Donald Lindsay & Mags Smith. The show began with some amp'd uke fanfare, playing some still-untitled A-lydian malarkey to Alain Resnais' film Le Chant du Styrene which was then followed by three ACI craft films with the GLAF: Boxes, Cylinders & Grasses. The evening then had that rarest of moments in a Second Sunday Sipping Sounds show: a break. Followed by some spontaneous sounds from the GLAF + williwaw, a snippet of which can be heard over here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.06.2018
with a shiny orange refurbished projector, there was visual enticement to go along with the audio bemusement, with another grim tale from director Gerhard Lamprecht, Die Verrufenen (Eng vers. The Slums Of Berlin).
there was an actual chord progression for particular character-scene elements, though most of the sonic bits were based around an all too simple GMA7 Emi7, which is, inadvertently, not much different from Cold World by Godflesh.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.05.2018
A broken projector put a spanner in the works, so without a film, it was left to our amp'd uke comrade to conjure sounds from the visionless aether, which have been handily contracted into a more digestible half hour for you.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 01.04.2018
6 PM - a first and only first Sunday sipping sounds to mark the 60th episode of this everlasting residency at the Old Hairdo. In honour of it being a Fool's holiday, there was a plethora of comic films from the National Film Preservation Foundation. And oodles of sound. And ended the easter-time festivities with a golden fish, substituting the flute-and-guitar soundtrack to Edmund Sechan's L'poisson rouge with some amp'd uke mackerel, which can be heard and seen here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 31.03.2018
Another afternoon outing with the Tony Bevan as part of his fortnightly free-jazz injection, Help Me I'm Melting, which was curiously considered strong enough by all involved to be made available in limited perpetuity as a compact disque, available here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.03.2018
A potpourri of sounds to go with a plethora of films. Two bits of evidence of the evening's sights and sounds are available here and there.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.02.2018
The audience after the previous month's rather dire film asked for something lighter, something with puppies. Instead, they got some fine industrial films about making the foot plates to irons, canning all manner of frut and veg, and steel. Running out of places for audio to be stored, an edited version of one such film can be heard here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.01.2018
A film with heart and soul and prostitution, Shen Ru [the Goddess] served as a fine pairing with some newer ideas based on 5th & 7th fret doings that resembled harmonic banter between G major and E minor.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.12.2017
The last sipping sounds and sights for 2017 featured yet another film with Emil Jannings, Variete, where he improbably plays a trapeze artist. A bit near the end is can be viewed here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 02.12.2017
Help Me I'm Melting #47 with Tony Bevan included a very special guest, Lori Freedman, on bass clarinet. Bevan, who was a bit rough from a long night with Rhodri Davies, and Freedman made a phenomenal din, with our amp'd uke comrade a bit awestruck, playing sonic catsup the whole afternoon.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.11.2017
Taking several key bits of kit out of the sequence, our beloved comrade tried some different sounds and mostly some impromptu ideas, working slowly through a few. Amps left at the friendly confines were missing. Two samples of these ad hoc machinations can be found on the YouTuberie over here and there.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.10.2017
The sixth season of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series began with a wee cartoon, which would've been fine if our amp'd uke comrade would've thought of one reasonable thing to play with it. Then there was the feature presentation of the evening, Arsenal (dir. Oleksandr Dovshenko, 1928/9). While a visually stunning film, it was rather difficult to aurally compliment. Nonetheless, our comrade pursued such compliments with all manner of extemporaneous bits, mostly (d)evolving from an F#11 chord and a diminished B scale. A sample mostly featuring talking horses can be found here
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.09.2017
The season finale of the fifth season of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series featured the film Terje Vigen directed by Victor Sjöström (1917), a tale of high seas adventure, revenge and amp'd uke mayhem. That was followed by Safety At Sea which was paired with some new bits assembled in a sort of B mixolydian order, then Seashore in film-aged colour, which accidentally got the repeater pencil treatment, which was supposed to be saved for the last little film. Oops. There's an excerpt of the sound and vision from Terje Vigen on the Youtuberie, but can only be seen from the upper two-thirds of North America. If you find youself in the New World, get a-clickin'
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.08.2017
What was to be a long affair of sonic vignettes separated by loops gathered from the afternoon's radio offerings was cut short at the hour mark by yet another melting loudspeaker cone. They just don't build them like they need to, it seems.
Gallery 1412 | 1412 18th Avenue | Capitol Hill | Seattle 22.07.2017
The inaugural set to Seattle's first Jazz Noise Fest, which consisted of twenty minutes of high-flying amp'd uke mayhem, the middle of which was taken with a repeater pencil and kraftwerk's autobahn. An excerpt recording curiously was included then excluded from a compilation recording. Was able to use the mighty amps of fellow jazz-noise makers that evening, for which our beloved comrade's ever so grateful.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 15.07.2017
An afternoon with TONY BEVAN, what could be better? Nary a thing. Nary, even. 'Twas a quality afternoon, though the mechanics of the bass saxophone was proving to be a right bother. The segment with soprano saxophone was considered strong enough by all concerned to be put forth into the world as a release, that based on a most curious audience member, is entitled paula would like to sing a song just the now.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.07.2017
Since no one reads these things, the truth can be told: without permissions, an attempt was made to make some sonic vignettes to accompany the 47 visual vignettes that are James Benning's 2011 work, small roads. It wasn't a crowning success, mostly due to the short exacting timing of the scenes not making for much development. In hindsight, glorious hindsight, longer sonic vignettes should have spanned multiple visual scenes. Live and learn: won't be trying that again.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.05.2017
The fiftieth episode had sights, sounds and, yes, even snacks. The sights were some of the same films as the 11 May show at the Glad Cafe with Rafe & Tony, but without Rafe & Tony, alas. Two of the films were swapped out for others from the archive. A film on two troublemaking kids got an impromptu horror-soundtrack treatment, and the others all got different treatments from just three nights beforehand - a bit of a challenge. There was also a strange technical hitch in that a cable died in the middle, not the start of the show. But things went well enough right with the last two to make a merger of 'em and put 'em over here
The Glad Cafe | 1006 Pollokshaws Road | Shawlands | Glasgow 11.05.2017
A fundraiser for SAMH (raised over a hunner quid, nae bad) with Rafe Fitzpatrick and Tony Bevan and eight films from the NLS Moving Images (nee Scottish Screen) archives. Rafe initially planned to add the spoken word to his performance, but kept just to his fiddle in the end, playing along films on physical education and sweets making. Tony, playing with films for the first time, took bass saxophone stabs at a film about jute machinery and an amateur science film about oat hybrids. williwaw then played the usual amp'd uke drudgery with films representing the seasons, that despite being made in the early 1960s, were both silent and lacking intertitles. Sadly, there seems to be no testament to the evening.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.04.2017
It was a celebration, or rather examination of the curious silent educational films of the DeVry school. There were six films with some sounds to reasonably match: Exercise, Growing Things, Food, Industrial Worker, Modern Commerce - which can be relived in all of its audiovisual dubious glory hereabouts - and Teeth - an excerpt of which can aurally be re-enjoyed right here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.03.2017
A sound experiment: amp'd uke + birdsongs. The result? Another blown loudspeaker. The birdsongs were a bit quiet to begin, but came alive just as another speaker driver had a meltdown. Some of the amp'd uke material, especially in the second half, was based on familiar tropes, such as coronach, farewell mr. barnes and the elephant's porteur. The first half was loosely based on nothing much in particular, and can be heard at the live-esque studies of the williwaw sound emporium.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 25.02.2017
A duo with Tony Bevan for one set, followed by a trio with Bevan and J. Simon Van Der Walt for the second. A coachload of chatty cathies came into the bar and dinnae leave, despite the incredible sound pressure produced by Maestro Bevan. A quiet moment for all involved had a reasonable 'nough balance to be documented, and can be heard over here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.02.2017
in hopefully not his last appearance in this Dear Green Place, the Lance C. Fuller read short stories by Bukowski and Carver bookending poems by e. e. cummings. the poems can be heard over at willicloud.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.01.2017
it was a rather modest to the new year for williwaw, with a spate of material stretched over the usual ninety minutes or so. the excitement of the evening was the melting of a loudspeaker. fire!
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.12.2016
The last of the Sipping Sights, not just of the year, but for a good long while. And they were some good sights: Films of Salt mining, Steel making, Sheep herding (or perhaps earth tilling), and, personal favourite locale, the Bonneville Salt Flats. Interspersed 'tween these visual odes to salt, steel and earth were early adverts for Colman's Mustard. Because, well, you know. The musicking was a bit impromptu, though Steel: A Symphony Of Industry got a rather fine treatment of a repeater pencil. Sadly, the shiny red record button was ne'er pressed.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.11.2016
More sounds from our beloved comrade williwaw with the sights being another belter from our more platonically considered fellow Josef von Sternberg, The Docks Of New York (1928). The music was mostly variations on the Tom Waits' tune Shore Leave, which makes more sense if you know that the film is indeed all about one night of shore leave.
East Pollokshields Quad | Darnley St | Pollokshields | Glasgow 12.11.2016
our comrade once again heads just a wee bit o'er to the East Pollokshields Quad's Festival of Light. Uncertain live sound-vision actions will commence. There may be a reprisal of films of yore. Mysteries abound. Go towards the light. Also playing that evening will be the Govanhill Community Choir, Phoene and Caledonian crooner Alisdair Roberts.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.10.2016
'Twas the start of the fifth year of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series, and a fine fete was in order, and what a fete, a tete-a-tete 'twixt the ears and eyes as our comrade williwaw played nice with a projection of yet another well-regarded feature where Emil Jannings' character dies, The Last Command (d. von Sternberg, 1928). Five, count 'em, five wee snippets can be heard and seen just o'er here
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.10.2016
Strings! Strings! Strings! Three sets of strings playing with, against, besides and through the mighty foghorn that is Tony Bevan. Our comrade williwaw joined in the din set out by Rafe Fitzpatrick and Atzi Muramatsu, who reached spontaneous contrapuntal heights. Crikey, 'twas the bee's knees.
Cafe Mustache | 2313 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago | USA 29.09.2016
Hello, big shoulders! Williwaw shares the bill with a coupla' folksingers (Chris Robley & Matt Wheeler) to share the amp'd uke mayhem with the former stomping grounds. May also play foil to some fine visual sweets from the Scottish Screen Archive.
The Allways Lounge | 2240 St Claude Ave | New Orleans | USA 22.09.2016
Taking the big easy, the highly protracted world tour continues anon! Our comrade williwaw plays that notorious house of burlesque as part of Monsieur Cambre's Anxious Sound series.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.09.2016
The 42nd episode! Life, the universe and everything - all matters were covered, all concerns addressed, signed, sealed and delivered. There were four films without a sliver of a thread to connect them, save for some loose sonic counterpoint from our comrade williwaw: Felix Finds Out (d. Sullivan/Messmer, 1924) with some highly impromptu minor eleventh chords, Polizeibericht: Überfall (d. Metzner, 1928) with some rhythmic variations on Out On A Limb (Mould/Norton/Hart), Paris Qui Dort (d. Clair, 1925) with random swatches from Satie's Gymnopedies 1-3 and Gnossiennes 1, 3 & 5 as well as Pure Imagination (Bricusse/Newley), and finally, Keeping Step With The Times (d. Jay Films, 1933), which was coated in a thick glaze of shoegaze that can be heard along with all the industrial cobblery on view over here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.07.2016
The visual theme for the 41st episode was bread. Mmm, bread. Our comrade foolishly took on the Ukrainian film Khlib, which bears a resemblance to the other abstract collective-farming beaut Zemlya, but was shorter and a bit more difficult to discern the tone, as it might've been a bit more critical of the whole soviet operation in parts, which may go a long way to describe why it was banned. One thing missing from the film as available was subtitling, which proved difficult as Ukrainian changed a lot after Soviet unification, so knowing the old language is a dying art. Sonically, it was all highly extemporaneous.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 18.06.2016
A Saturday afternoon spar with Tony Bevan, what could have been better? Not much, to be honest. Supposedly there was a document of this, but it is still on the desk of Maestro Bevan. The smorgasbord of sound one expects from a bass saxophone/amplified ukulele duo. Yes.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.06.2016
The 40th episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds & Sights Series! Oh, what a spectacle! A fabulous feature film: Gerhard Lamprecht's Unter der Laterne (1928)! Snacks! Yes, snacks! Enticements galore! Exclamation marks! The film uses the contemporary hit Trink, Brüderlein, Trink as an intermezzo between all nine acts as well as a plot point, so that became the source material for much of the sonic parallels and askews.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.05.2016
Apricots. The theme, the feel, the mood, the sound. A rather punishing set of films showing the doldrums of fruit processing in extended detail. Instead of a drum machine, there were percolations from a digital metronome "app" as the kids call 'em for a few rounds. Most of the set was not based on any material, other than, well, fruit, mostly apricots. Wait, what? A small sampling of the undertakings can be heard over at the williwaw youtuberie, specifically here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 16.04.2016
Our comrade williwaw joined in the free sounds of Tony Bevan's Help Me I'm Melting series at the Old Hairdo. Along with Bevan's bass saxomophone, there was Tom Bancroft on batterie and Daniel Padden on guitar (doing Arto Lindsay proud, I must say) and bass clarinet fantasies. Doesn't seem to be any record of the din, but it had long moments of sustained goodness.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.04.2016
The stalwart attendees got a special treat in April: the five films of artist Ella Bergmann-Michel, along with the usual amp'd uke mayhem in tow. Film one was Altersheim, paired with a minor passacaglia that shifted to the sunnier sounds of a repeater pencil. Film two was Erwerbslose... which was paired with the latest hit single chin down. Film three, the longest of the five, was Fliegende Händler which was complimented with the whirring oscillations of B mixolydian permutations. Film four was Fischfang was given a bit of meander with chordal-to-choral-like strains of coronach. The last film by Bergmann-Michel was Wahlkampf 1932 which was paired with the wandering dread of the elephant's porteur in dense foghorn mode. The last film can be seen at the williwaw eyesore emporium, or straight from vimeo or the youtuberies.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.03.2016
The 37th Episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sights & Sounds Series (SSSS&SS - Sibilance!) was loosely held together by the theme of "measurement" though it tended towards general manufacture. First was a silent film about the Synchrophase coupled with Radioactivity and Airwaves by Kraftwerk. That was followed by two films about micrometers from Loucks & Noring which were paired with variations on a B mixolydian cluster. Then there was a film about making tires for which variations upon Autobahn seemed all too apt, followed by hopelessly crude renditions of sections 1, 2 and 4 of Strauss' An den schoenen blauen Donau with a film about the making of that record (references so direct, they're posilutely brusque). And finally some more train footage with looped sound follies. Two hours of the most eminent pulsations.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.02.2016
The 36th Episode of the SSSSS (Now the SSSS&SS) was a two hour calvacade of sound and sight. The sounds were all amp'd uke, the sights were all on the theme of telephony. There was a rather successful version of chin down paired with a four-minute clip of laying underwater cable in San Francisco Bay, and there were multiple improvisations to a satellite dish using the milk frother and bow. There were attempts to include film narration, but the levels were never right, which is a shame, both that they weren't loud enough, and that they were there, as there were moments of an overlong farewell to mister barnes that went very well indeed, but are mired with mumbling instruction on the basic components of telephony. C'est la telephonie.
Cafe Mustache | 2313 North Milwaukee Ave | Chicago | USA 28.01.2016
williwaw left the comforts of his Glasgow home and headed back to the City of the Big Shoulders to provide a wee salve to so much wheat stacking, tool making, freight handling and whatever else happens within those hefty - and let's admit it, kind of sexy - shoulders. He repeated the act of sonic counterpoint to that stunning piece of silent soviet ciné, Nail In The Boot (Gvozd' v Sapoge, 1932, dir. Mikhail Kalatozov) from the January sipping sounds series episode, but with a slightly different musical tact. The highlights of the evening were a fantastic yet sublime set from he of such supple wrists, Bill Dolan (5ive Style, Heroic Doses, Das Boton), playing with bassist Karl Ropp and a closing cameo from Kip Rainey (Golden Horse Ranch Band, The Last Kind Words) playing Paul's Dance, which may be a first for the williwaw canon: playing a piece actually written for 'ukulele.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.01.2016
So we all had a chat. About shoes. Our beloved comrade lead the discussion with a showing of that fine silent soviet film Nail In The Boot (d. Kalatozov, 1930/32), a beautiful if harrowing tale of footwear failure. There were three other thematic featurettes: The Story Of My Life By Mr. Shoe, Feet, and finally, two bits of stock footage from a train starting at the same point. Thrilling! Accompanying sounds included a repeater pencil and a farewell to mister barnes along with many extraneous thoughts.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.12.2015
It was a loving set of duets with the Graham J Mack on guitar. So ephemeral, ethereal and, yes, even a bit earthy.
East Pollokshields Quad | Darnley St | Pollokshields | Glasgow 14.11.2015
our comrade took part anon in the East Pollokshields Quad's Festival of Light. By request, there was a reshowing of the Slide Rule. Learn, children, and lead the way. The show was relocated to the shed of the Victoria Gardens, where our williwaw played a rather long medley of a repeater pencil and Kraftwerk tunes.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.11.2015
it was mostly an early evening of the near eighty minutes of fine silent soviet filming that is by the law (po zakonu) directed by lev kuleshov (1926) with a touch of the gold digger's song of 1933 used as base materal. that was followed by two forays into the usual sequential hive of activity, the first based on a farewell to mister barnes, the other not really based on much of anything.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.10.2015
the 32nd episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series came and went with a bit of this 'n' that: instead of 32 short refrains on chuck mangione, there was only one, then rather overlong renditions of a repeater pencil | autobahn (kraftwerk) | the elephant's porteur | fleurette africaine (ellington) + las vegas tango (evans) | farewell mr. barnes | chin down | einsturzende altetraume (something more extemporaneous than usual) | what good waffles do. A medley - or megamix if one must - can be heard over at the williwaw sound emporium as well as willicloud.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.09.2015
williwaw revisited that fine bit of early Soviet cinema, Turksib, slaking the huddled masses' thirst for both beautiful film and trains. the sonic counterpoint to the film consisted mostly of minimal meditations on Las Vegas Tango (G. Evans) and Fleurette Africaine (Ellington).
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.08.2015
it was the high-voltage return of the Second Sunday Sipping Stories Series with our local storytelling stalwart Lance Fuller with special guest storytelling foil Michal-Alan Read. The story was Werewolves Of War by D. W. Hall. The set went from other-worldly amplified to down-home acoustic with one SNAP! of the fuse box. Unfortunately, one amplifier did not survive the blowout, but it was shortly seen thereafter by the finest medics in the area. A bit of the evening, both pre- and post-electricity, can be heard over at willicloud.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.07.2015
A showing of F. W. Murnau's 1924 meisterwerk Der Letzte Mann. Two snippets can be heard and seen over at the williwaw eyesore emporium. One said snippet, of the ultimate decline of the protagonist, can also be heard over at willicloud.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.05.2015
Another evening of high-octane amp'd uke mayhem come and gone. What came of it? It happened, and in real time..
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.03.2015
five simple words: Electric Bob's Big Black Ostrich. it was an oh-so-special episode of the second sunday sipping sounds and stories series as our comrade williwaw was joined by fellow midwestern transplant Lance Fuller to regale the huddled masses with a masterful storytelling. it can be heard in all its splendour over at willicamp.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.02.2015
Warm and buttery sounds were provided to warm the wintery heart. To supplant the winter theme, some visual interactions were provided that set off the otherwise ongoing sound.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.01.2015
The new year came in with a good hunner' minutes of amp'd uke sound-action: untitled in G lydian / a coronoach for john / chin down / a farewell to mister barnes / a repeater pencil (for l. gushee) / autobahn. the strings were still stretching through the early evening, but the overlong overtures kept a-coming. a feller named matt was moved to write a note which he left with the barkeep. that was nice. one excerpt - a repeater pencil can be heard here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.12.2014
A delightful matinee of sipping sounds that consisted of sights, including the very, very fine feature film Underground (d. Anthony Asquith, 1928), the usual amp'd uke mayhem sounds, though there was even some taro-patch fiddle (or eight-string 'ukulele) strumming, which, having an active under the saddle pick-up, was much louder than the usual uke, oh my yes. There were even snacks for the stalwarts. Yes, snacks.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 9.11.2014
for some most autumnal sipping sounds this November, our comrade joined forces with the admirable dr. rachel drury for some sonic counterpoint to some fine visual foils, films about farms and trains, trains and farms, all old 'n' delightfully brrritish: the country comes to town (acc.: the irish washerwoman) / elizabethan express (acc.: poor paddy works on the railway / the diesel train driver / the faces of britain / cybernetica. of the films, cybernetica and its pulsating, "funky," as one called it, accompaniment was the clear favourite. perhaps because it was presented in vivid colour.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.10.2014
it was the usual fare of amplified sounds, though there was the polishing off of an old formalistic chestnut: the tectonic jazz standard. the first such standard, easy to love didn't go well, but the second heaven (Ellington) fared a bit better, as did the third and last, Resolution (McLaughlin). the lesson was simple - don't stretch the tectonic torch songs too long, less they find fault (oh, such geologic puns! sigh).
two bits of the evening - the recent faves a coronach and a rather decent rendition of a farewell to mister barnes - can be heard within the live-esque studies of the williwaw sound emporium
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.09.2014
the first of williwaw's new matinee sipping sounds was something of the usual affair, though it did feature quite a workout from the newest faerie with boots, the polyphonic octave generator. the early evening sounds consisted of a coronach - chin down / mister barnes - chavs (new intro) / autobahn (kw). the first two bits can be heard within the live-esque studies of the williwaw sound emporium.
Saki Records | 3716 Fullerton Ave | Chicago USA 22.08.2014
an hour set on a nice wee corner stage in an amply spaced record shop, filling the spaces 'tween the stalls with the sounds of the coronach - chin down - dance the night away (vh) - the coronach / autobahn (kw) - dentaku (kw) - the chavs - vienna (uvx) / mister barnes - perpetuum mobile (pco) / midnight cowboy (barry) with the incomparable kenneth p. w. rainey on mandolin.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.07.2014
our comrade williwaw played sonic foil to the 1929 film Turksib, using a couple of Charlie Haden heads in memoriam.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 08.06.2014
how long can one sustain interest in an A# minor 7th chord, third inversion? That was the topic at this particular episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series. there were a few bits of the usual fodder - the fucking chavs, autobahn, so/do/mi/la and unchained - taking up most of the time, but there was a good half hour devoted to a few chords and a memory. those can be heard in one go if one clicks here.
186 Carpenter | 186 Carpenter St | Providence | Rhode Island 09.05.2014
our comrade williwaw brought an abbreviated set to Providence, the Beehive of Industry, at the neighbourly gallery space 186 Carpenter. it was quite the well-paced and well-played evening by all cohorts, from locals Neil Jackson and Jael's Peg to the touring and intoxicating percussion trio Meridian (Tim Feeney / Nick Hennies / Greg Stuart). kudos to the Carpenters.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.04.2014
it was a return to the feature film showcase, this time 'round it was Sono Yoru No Tsuma, an hour-long masterpiece by Yasujiro Ozu accompanied by the usual din, with a prelude of autobahn with visual footage of -gasp- the autobahn, and a postlude of B-major looping to spare. a fellow nearby enjoyed the last bit, that was nice.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.03.2014
it was all audio, no visual, well, the only visual being the stooped-to-conquer head of our comrade williwaw as it paraded through another, though perchance not wholly successful, attempt at autobahn, and then some workouts with chinese downhill, the little light medley and others. the evening was captured - its soul stolen - in a bit higher fidelity. the results of which can be heard o'er here at the live-esque studies of williwaw.
iota Gallery | 25 Hyndland Street | West End | Glasgow 22.02.2014
it was a night of musical stasis and decline with the maestro of the quite niche at the Hot Corner. the first set was filled with the this-little-light/i-saw-the-light medley, some D minor noodling and B mixolydian sound-on-sound set against three films of children exercising, correcting posture and just plain moving. the second set was chock full of more favourites - autobahn, chinese downhill and the fucking chavs / neonlicht - with visual fodder from 35-mm process plates.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.02.2014
for this episode of the second sunday sipping sounds series, the usual transcendence of chaos accompanied joe may's 1929 meisterwerk, Asphalt. it was a bit of shambles - the cyclogigging (patent pending) still didn't work, and the limited kit perhaps showed. but warts 'n' all, there is now evidence of the happening on these internets - see the williwaw eyesore emporium to take it all in.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 12.01.2014
new year, same sound? A new williwaw trio took hold of the Old Hairdo for a night of high-falutin' chicanery. Among the curves were a long look at bitches brew (m. davis), spanish flea (j. wechter) and theme from a summer place (m. steiner).
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 8.12.2013
it was another wall-to-unfinished-wall night of films and music. over the waves / typesetting / around the corner / song birds as neighbors / behind the big lights / michael collier films / hollywood railroad reels. the sonic counterpoint to typesetting can be heard in its overlong entirety here
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.11.2013
last november, the sipping sounds also came with celebratory pie. the pie was not be found this time, but there was popcorn, plenty of popcorn, as williwaw played nice with numerous films, from john grierson's hour-long herring-tone-poem drifters to a film about cross-country rail travel so good, apparently, that it was made twice, though both used the same ending. and of course, there were films about buses. all the sonic material was relatively new and rather (possibly far too much so) spontaneous. there was the return of chinese downhill, the latest hit single, which accompanied the bus driver, and can be found on the williwaw eyesore emporium.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.10.2013
the thrilling, chilling and sure to be spilling over with sounds anniversarial episode of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series, featuring a bit of tete-a-tete with saxophonist Rachel Drury using that epitome of Percy Faith syrup, Theme To A Summer Place and some instructional cards. There was then the much more usual display of amp'd uke mayhem, and then a second set with Drury and that Swiss sensation of Sauchiehall Street, Kaspar Hensel on trumpet. There were changes, actuall harmonic changes. What the kids might once have called jazz.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 8.09.2013
for the twelfth episode - a year, a whole year, of sipping sounds - there was a pedal on the fritz, the one responsible for the sound-on-sound hijinks, but there was the thrilling return, after a many-year hiatus, of the Tube Zipper, a valve-circuit envelope follower that provides two wun'erful things: uncontrollable oscillations and that great unknown to the 'ukulele world, sustain. it can be heard in a snippet from the show, captured in thrilling low-fidelity barely living monaural sound at willicloud. for a bit of "glue" to all the random abstraction of the evening was that early staple of the post/carpenter television theme canon, The Rockford Files. An all-too-short fragment of that can be heard - and seen - o'er here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.08.2013
jamie bolland guested for this very special episode of the second sunday sipping sounds series for a good forty minutes of tete-a-tete. his trusty Italian organ needed to be amplified with a soundhole transducer clipped to the end, which picked up most sounds besides the reeds louder than, well, the reeds. but the two made a go of it. the remainder of the show was a cobbling of the usual suspects, with a turn on mister barnes that went into some new territory that has been visually associated - like all too many live clips - with trains. you can hear it for yourself, and see more trains sigh right o'er here.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.07.2013
celebrating its tenth month in residency, the second sunday sipping sounds series featured a new bit entitled chinese downhill. it along with some other bits, including a long not-very-varying variation on different trains (s. reich) can be listened to at the williwaw live-esque studies archive.
WSWEK @ CCA | 350 Sauchiehall Street | Glasgow 04.07.2013
took part in the audio-visual tumult of maestro J. Simon Van Der Walt's Why Scotland, Why East Kilbride at the Centre for Contemporary Arts (sponsored by Cryptic Nights, no less).
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 09.06.2013
it was back to the usual second sunday sipping sounds series for our resident sound provider williwaw, full of that trans-Atlantic-flight groggy glow. there was a rather successful rendition of wenn ich dieser taste drück, spielt sie eine kleine musikstück on the taro-patch fiddle, and some more of the usual favourites.
Casa del Popolo | 4873 boul. St-Laurent | Montréal 02.06.2013
williwaw took part in The Golden Hour with comrade and re-amalgamateur taperecorder in the city of the hundred bell towers with a twenty-minute slot that was filled with wenn ich dieser taste drück, spielt sie eine kleine musikstück and the gymnopedies vamp. the kids, they seemed to like it.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 23.05.2013
for the very merrie month of May, williwaw provided some sonic tonic to the sculptures of Seth Orion Schwaiger on the fourth Thursday of the month (i.e., the 23rd), just to confuse matters. and to make matters more complicated, the resonater 'ukulele was deployed, which was misbehaving all evening.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.04.2013
the fourth of the not-so-new-at-all-year Sipping Sounds featured several takes on material - unchained and wenn ich dieser taste drück, spielt sie eine kleine musikstück (the neverending medley) - laid to virtual tape later that week (and now fully audible here).
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.03.2013
a devilish fuse-socket spring nearly rendered this episode in the Sipping Sounds series a completely unelectric affair. the house PA - a small mixer, powered woofer and two satellite speakers - was hauled down to take the place of the usual williwaw amp brigade which still runs on pesky, paltry American voltage. a few of the faeries with boots still had batteries, and a ninety minute hullaballoo was had in the freezing confines, using vienna as a recurring theme
Indi Go Artist Co-Op | 9 E University Ave | Champaign | Illinois 23.02.2013
the triumphant return of williwaw to its origins. the evening started with a solo set from nick rudd that was set for interstellar space. the following set featured the talents of the last kind words (farina/rainey) and went for intrapersonal peace. the evening ended with an hour in two parts from our amp'd uke comrade, the first long part: daytona! / a hymn for mister barnes / die mensch-maschine / perpetuum mobile / enola gay / fall. the second shorter part: unchained.
audiovisual documentation of this second stop on the highly protracted williwaw world tour 2013 can be found within the williwaw eyesore emporium.
the Garden Of Miracles | 1210 W Bryn Mawr Ave | Chicago | USA 22.02.2013
williwaw in the City Of The Big Shoulders. the evening began with an all-too-short set from the recovering tender throat of transmontane, followed with the dulcet gait of the last kind words (farina/rainey) and finally our amp'd uke comrade, playing neonlicht / model / die mensch-maschine / enola gay / perpetuum mobile then unchained and ending with a gentle rendering of cherryvale.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 10.02.2013
the second of the not-as-new-anymore-year Second Sundays.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 13.01.2013
the first of the new-year Sipping Sounds was a bit of an audio-visual stumble. the video ne'er seemed to work just right, despite having edited together several bits in honour of The Last Days Of Analogue project to mark the end of the analog(ue) television signal. some recollections of the audio material (with recollections of the video accompaniments as well): die mensch-maschine (sewage) / what good waffles do (rca victor remote/assembly) / chavs (metastaire) / pierpont (short film about safety) / killer - intruder (cyclommute) / unchained (views from the flat). a short bit has been captured and can still enrapture over at the williwaw eyesore emporium.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 31.12.2012
williwaw provided a bit of warm-up and warming-over to the Hogmanay festivities at the Old Hairdo. the two hours of amp'd uke histrionics started off with some hints at the next diversionette recording fodder, then went into something that just did not work at all, then landed on some old favourites: beautiful dreamer / die mensch-maschine / perpetuum mobile / enola gay // killer / intruder / unchained // something that just did not work at all // fall / pierpont / the gymnopedies vamp / xmas pkng // cherryvale.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 9.12.2012
the third - and last of the year - episode in williwaw's Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series at the Old Hairdo was to include some visual fodder, but it was all lost in the brickwork, and the sonic fodder, which included somewhat epic if not epochal versions of unchained (modal) and so/do/mi/la.
Festival of Light | East Pollokshields Quad | Glasgow 16.11.2012
A bit of a backyard affair, if a backyard were a community enterprise. Tucked in between Darnley and Kenmure Streets to the east and west, and Nithsdale and Leven Roads to the south and north, is the East Pollokshields Quad, which became a darkened festoon of mud, despite the lights. the evening's set was delayed by repeated performances from the precocious Shawland Academy singers. such an excruciating situation as to almost push our comrade williwaw to abandon hope. but the set finally happened, and despite some strings in desperate need of tensioning if not all-out replacing, it consisted of some usual "magical" patter: neon licht // xmas pkng / vamp (satie) / pearly white (abell-champion/pollack/spears/verzani/whitmer) / xmas pkng // fall (w. shorter). the wee amp toppled off the stage, which has been captured on the williwaw blooper reel which can always be viewed on the williwaw eyesore emporium.
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 11.11.2012
Round two of the Second Sunday Sipping Sounds Series at the Old Hairdo. For this pumpkin pie filled fete, there was roughly three relatively non-stop hours of the usual din: ['ukulele] pierpont / mister barnes [taro patch] mister barnes / seemless // EM7sus4 / cherryvale // ['ukulele] enola gay / perpetuum mobile / neonlicht // killer / intruder / unchained / chavs
The Old Hairdressers | 27 Renfield Lane | City Centre | Glasgow 14.10.2012
williwaw took on that visual behemoth, ZEMLYA (earth or soil, depending on your cyrillic dictionary), that it first tackled, or at least cross-body blocked back in the summer of 2004.
iota Gallery | 25 Hyndland Street | West End | Glasgow 16.06.2012
williwaw filled the Hot Corner of the West End (25 Hyndland Street, the southwest corner of Hyndland and Fordyce, was honest-Abe-and-truly known as the Hot Corner, as subterranean ovens warmed the pavement back-a-when, and now is home to Unlimited Studios and iota Gallery) with six unrelenting hours of its merrie din. there were little to no survivors.
Go Slow Cafe | 452 Victoria Road | Govanhill | Glasgow 16.06.2012
our comrade williwaw made its way back to its more usual confines, the Go Slow Cafe, for the ongoing Lights Out! benefit for the South Seeds organisation. The Lights Out! events are nominally an acoustic only affair, but there was some subtle and not-so-subtle violations that particular evening as our amp'd uke stalwart brought the batterie-powered bits. the inevitable tragedy being that those batteries started near immediately to fail, ending in a not-so-subtle low-frequency oscillation. but a medley of old faves still endeavoured.
The Chalet | 18 Dixon Ave | Govanhill | Glasgow 5.05.2012
williwaw and friends presented a glasgo-visual folly: some of the finest purveyors of the aural avant-garde within the confines of the south side go tete-a-tete with a bevy of short films on the bygone ways of Glasgow and Scotland. Was a wee part of the Streetland Festival in Govanhill. The players were Owen Brimijoin, Gordon Mackinnon, Margaret Smith, J. Simon van der Walt, Katherine Waumsley and, yes, but of course, williwaw. The films were Sadness and Gladness, Keeping Our City Clean, An Apple A Day, Sheep Dipping, Ochiltree Tile Works and, yes, but of course, The George Bennie Railplane System Of Transport. The only evidence of the evening is the fine offering from Monsieur Mackinnon, Sheep Dipping.
MONO | 12 Kings Court | Glasgow 15.03.2012
Everyone's favourite source for amplified 'ukulele mayhem, williwaw, brought his merrie calvacade of melodious din once again to everyone's first, second or third favourite vegan cafe/bar MONO on that most Brutish of Thursdays, 15. March 2012, 8:30 pm. The show celebrated the new extended player from williwaw, the diversionette, that became available that fateful day. Some support and much needed mellifluous repose will be provided by the pride o' Minnesota, Owen Brimijoin, and his finely crafted guitar and larynx. The diversionette is available now but not forever more over here.
The Berkeley Suite | 237 North Street | Glasgow 09.12.2011
that lovable scamp williwaw took part in a most grand event, THE NIGHT OF THE EARTH MEN. Stagebound sorts included the first and hopefully far from last live solo effort from tedthetrumpet (composer J. Simon Van Der Walt), our scampable love, williwaw, and a shambling bit from local (dis)assemblage Tut Vu Vu. Past the midnight hour, there was much dance-party-UK action from Skizzwang, GK Machine and taperecorder.
the set was a droning hodgepodge based around the refrain of unchained (anthony/roth/brothers van halen) that included such dirges as video killed the radio star and that ol' chestnut daytona!, which previously appeared on the williwaw long-player shimmering coaster of light, which still may be available.
The Chalet | 18 Dixon Ave | Govanhill | Glasgow 03.11.2011
williwaw joined forces with one heckuva force to be reckoned with, peter nicholson at the friendly if a bit frail stone-cottaged confines of The Chalet. the show began with that man of science and song, Owen Brimijoin, followed by our comrade williwaw, then the mellifluous peter nicholson, followed by a wee bit of back and forth between williwaw and nicholson. there was also the what-has-become-usual visual bits, bits from all sides and angles, vectors of uncertain length and unbridled power. Perhaps it is time to downplay these visual bits, perhaps.
iota Gallery | 25 Hyndland Street | Glasgow 15.10.2011
a short-notice but long-stretching all-day sonic jaunt for our williwaw playing in some wee corner of the iota Gallery to charm the passing snakes to slither in to see the beauty of Laura A Hunter's most painterly works. this was a daytime, which was a bit of a graytime, affair. Oh! All manner of vittles were played, using the ol' EHX 2880 ridiculousness to good effect - figuratively and otherwise. The foundations for the modal excursions on that American Songbook staple unchained began here.
MONO | 12 Kings Court | Glasgow 30.08.2011
the same beloved comrade williwaw played just north of the Clyde at everyone's first, second or third favourite vegan cafe/bar mono. there was sound, there even was vision. some even touched, smelled, and tasted. all for free. the first long-in-the-tooth set was fall (w. shorter) | bitches brew (m. davis) | an abbreviated (!) so/do/mi/la; the second less-in-the-tooth set was neonlicht (k. werk) | die mensch-maschine (k. werk) | and the only successful rendition of the evening, chariots of fire (evangelos odysseas papathanassiou).
STEREO | 22-28 Renfield Lane | Glasgow 28.08.2011
beloved comrade williwaw played a wee set in support of the John Knox Sex Club and North American War at everyone's first, second or third favourite vegan cafe/bar/venue and everyone's favourite vegan establishment inside a Rennie Mackintosh designed building, stereo. the set consisted merely of the usual hymnal and so/do/mi/la in a style not too dissimilar to the studio rendition, though using the reso-uke instead of the trusty kamaka. channel A was fed direct into the PA, creating all manner of low-end ruckus for the weans awaiting the later ensembles.
The Chalet | 18 dixon ave | glasgow uk 18.06.2011
two days shy of two years after, williwaw revisits some audio-visual antics from the last williwaw ensemble show in that far-off land, chicago. there may be more, there may be less, there were definitely only be one, and despite the proximity to the Highlands, he will not be the Highlander. Pity. Nevertheless, our amp'd uke hero williwaw oversees a wee bit of audio-visual tête-à-tête in the friendly exposed-stone-cottage confines of the Chalet, featuring such low-to-high-brow collisions as our gang v. krzysztof penderecki and many, well, some others.
The Chalet | 18 dixon avenue | glasgow uk 02.04.2011
as a wee fundraiser and introit for the Streetland festival, williwaw played a bit of this 'n' that from behind a low-rise portal inside the stonewalled cottage The Chalet.
Go Slow Cafe | 452 victoria road | glasgow uk 18.11.2010
williwaw once again provided some sonic sustenance at the slowly ongoing venue as a hastily rescheduling of the planned Armistice Day frolicks. there is a wee bit of evidence of the glacial pacing at the williwaw eyesore emporium.
Go Slow Cafe | 452 victoria road | glasgow uk 30.09.2010
williwaw provided some sonic sustenance.
[a sonic soak] at the Govanhill Baths | 25 calder street | glasgow uk 21.08.2010
despite a bit of vertigo, our comrade williwaw managed to keep from taking a dive off the deep end, and kept the proverbial head above the echoic hubris of the slowly resuscitating Govanhill Baths to provide a bit of early afternoon amp'd entertainment for those who had wandered 'round. the single set consisted of so-do-mi-la / fall (w.shorter) / a hymn for billy hayes / chariots of fire (e. papathanassiou). the first bit can be elsewhere heard and seen.
Go Slow Cafe | 452 victoria road | glasgow uk 02.07.2010
williwaw provided some amp'd uke interlocution for an art opening (simon harlow of silo design and build fame) at the tectonically paced cafe with several sets beginning after the twentieth hour (8 pm). williwaw provided the well-conversed and well-huddled masses with well-over ninety minutes of amp'd uke histrionics well-distributed into three-or-more sets: what good waffles do / chariots of fire (e. papathanassiou) / fall (w. shorter) | pierpont / biscuits of sorrow (working title) | a hymn for billy hayes / cherryvale | so-do-mi-la.
the last bit of the last set can be viewed at the williwaw eyesore emporium.
Go Slow Cafe | 452 victoria road | glasgow uk 05.06.2010
The festivities started a bit late, but not late enough for the usual crowd, which came several hours late - time, such a relative thing. But a few stalwarts, truant resistant lads 'n' lasses, were there to witness a short set by our beloved comrade williwaw: a hymn for billy hayes mingling with seemless (abell-champion/pollack/spears/verzani/whitmer) / so-do-mi-la / daytona! with some late grazings from satie's gymnopedies no. 1 because i'd just heard it used to good effect in the documentary film man on wire. At the end of this half-hour-some set, the distinct scent of electrical fire was detected coming from the general direction of the two amplifiers. One of the amps even looked a bit smoky in back. That was the end of that. Then, as fate would have it, scores of folks came into the cafe. Doomed, but ne'er disheartened, our comrade williwaw provided some acoustic accommodation to the long-winding late-night prattle.
evidence of the sonic effluence can be heard and seen at the williwaw eyesore emporium.
Star and Shadow Cinema | stepney bank | newcastle-upon-tyne uk 28.02.2010
provided sonic counterpoint to the hal-roach-steered laurel-and-hardy vehicle the finishing touch using satie's gymnopedies no. 1 as source material. some evidence of such action can be found at the williwaw eyesore emporium.
Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery | 2830 north milwaukee ave | chicago usa 20.06.2009
williwaw / the williwaw ensemble vs. our gang. an audio-visual tete-a-tete between beloved comrade williwaw, the loose collective of nimble fingers and nylon strings known as the williwaw ensemble and those lovable scamps Our Gang, featuring amplified ukulele(s) vs. silent films (two Hal Roach's "Our Gang" shorts), juxtaposing juvenile slapstick with the avant-garde - high brow, low brow, and all the (mono)brows in between.
brown rice music | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 9.05.2009
williwaw vs. falzone. a transcript of that evening's magnanimous dualities can be found in this general vicinity, more specificially here.
Elastic Sound and Vision Gallery | 2830 north milwaukee ave | chicago usa 24.03.2009
sonic bridge 2.
brown rice music | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 23.01.2009
sonic bridge - the powers of Skype compel ye! dan godston, jayve montgomery, gregory o'drobinak, christopher preissing and williwaw represented chicago in the three-headed hydra. From the two other heads - Mexico City and Buenos Aires - came a mass of sound that turned the evening into a large mass, capable of swallowing all in its path. As the evening dwindled, some semblance of collective musicking was evident.
brown rice music | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 17.11.2008
williwaw vs. dan godston : godston was the hometown favourite, being one of the fine proprietors of the fine establishment, brown rice.
AV-aerie | 2000 west fulton ave | chicago usa 12.10.2008
williwaw performed in free sonic counterpoint to the visual musings of rona marks as part of the third annual chicago calling arts festival. the evening also featured all manner of communicative arts, kinetic, syntactic and otherwise.
brown rice music | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 15.09.2008
williwaw returned to its favorite neighborhood haunt, now known as brown rice, for a splendid evening of sonic exorcisms that soothed a baker's dozen or more. williwaw then joined some of the proprietors of said space - daniel godston and jayve montgomery - for some outer-limits music.
the cyrillically surreal | candlestick maker | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 30.07.2004
williwaw vs. earth. excerpts can be heard on the williwaw sounds page.
... | candlestick maker | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 07.05.2004
this show never happened. maybe it happened in an alternate universe
mystery date | candlestick maker | 4432 north kedzie ave | chicago usa 07.09.2002
what was this one all about? Ah, riddles of life abound!
the rain against my window | the high dive | downtown | champaign illinois 22.08.2002
this was a benefit for GirlZone, an organization to help young women explore traditionally unwomanly pursuits, like the rock and/or roll. Organizer aimee rickman had borrowed some ukes years beforehand for a session, and so the connection was established. And so this concert was suchly done. The best part for the ego was the marquee, proudly announcing the return of WILLIWAW. The worst part for all parties was the massive rainstorm. Big rain, long rain. More technical difficulties. There was a short in one of the amps, which was keeping one of the fries-with-boots alive with electricity. The set consisted mostly of variations on so-do-mi-la.
the garden of earthiness | mike & molly's | downtown | champaign illinois 20.07.2000
show with the kennett bros. - more as I recall it...
the in-store from way-out | laurie's planet of sound | leland & lincoln (old location) | chicago usa 22.01.2000
Ah, Wholesome folk. Nothing cuts through one's tendency towards greater volume than one's mother. Using the now and forever popular four amp configuration within the friendly confines of chicago's finest li'l rekkid shop away from the glitz and glamour of the usual stops (now there's a by-line of which we can all be proud) required pilin' them all up in a nice li'l "wall" from which "sound" would eminate forthright ... some - quite a good deal (the admission fare t'boot: as free as the door opens)- of the aforementioned "sound" were ideas and notions that were some three weeks later made one for the rekkid books: the PHONOCRAT plus some tastes of and one day you will die ... soon. it's all about the kids - and what do the kids love? but, of course, it's got to be EVERGREEN with the fiery masterstrokes of noted author and auteur k. p. w. rainey on the lap twanger. mister rainey's oscillating magnet, or e-bow, for those in the guitar parlor parlance, was quite kaputt, so, showing the resourcefulness of a nation in rebirth, mister rainey used a pocket amp as a sympathetic circuit. our beloved comrade forewent with many fries and opted for real-time renderings of the elven sort. the tandem provided elevated and elevator'd squeals and skronks to make mister hamlisch proud. Bidness was good on that day for the wholesome lads at the store - who knows what, why or how
the glory of Mifune | empty bottle | 1035 north western ave | chicago usa 06.12.1999

The cheese stands alone. The set stood aloft:

PEARL HARBOR (soundcheck) | PIT STOP | janissary | CHERRYVALE | PIERPONT | cute | syrup on th' pancakes | johnsburg illinois | XMAS PKNG | dance the night away | DAYTONA!

Probably the only exciting - yawn - tidbit was the arrival and holdover of several family members at the proceedings. Ah, as comforting as an iron maiden - wait, hold that - i do find Iron Maiden rather comforting. Oh, to play an entire career in one meter. My spine is the bassline. My song is the sea chanty. Feh. A Japanese printing of some Nora Roberts filth was tossed - gads! - directly at the bar. Some libation was spilt. My spine is the faultline.

not-so-interesting note: this show made the preview pages of the Chicago Reader that week (see the newsbits section for the actual blurb). As a monday, and a national barbeque day at that, the turnout was meagre at best, and may have cemented my he-doesn't-bring-in-folks-who-drink reputation at the empty bottle.

the cracks of the ass | robys | 1944 west division st | chicago usa 08.09.1999
Five Pound Blocks of Cheese. Some things are punk rock. Some things are too punk rock. Some things are funny in a way. Some things are just plain fk'n inane: welcome to Roby's (possessive apostrophe in doubt). The longshortendofitall: no PA, no problem. No talent, big problem. Solution? add the Sound and Fury to the (sound-reinforcement-less) mix along with the extruded talents of one Kenneth P. W. Rainey. Result? Ten-some minutes of pulsified impulsivity, courtesy of the Gil Evans cut Las Vegas Tango which never was much of a tango, but, eh, Elvin Jones was on the Individualism sessions, 'n' that's goods 'nough fer me.
the wrath of those in memoriam | empty bottle | 1035 north western ave | chicago usa 31.05.1999
how did I come to anger the gods o' Memoriam, part 1 arriving at the the empty bottle early, I headed elsewhere to kill [eek!] some time. just north of the shop, I caught myself drifting and had to quickly brake for a reddening yellow light. the brakes locked and the whole car, my wun'erful 1987 Dodge Caravan V6 with the sticky side door and the cracked piston ring and the recently replaced fuel pump began to slide and turn to the left. while nature was to blame in part -- earlier rains + lousy drainage = slickity-slick roads, my idiot self had loaded my equipment on one side of the back of the van, and my van did not simply turn slightly to the left, but turned one-hundred-and-eighty degrees to the left and in the process, the driver's (my) side of the van -- at least the front left tire - came off the ground during the turn and it felt as though the whole van would tip over until I came to a stop facing the other direction, abso-posi-lutely freaked outta m'gourd. willickers.

how did I come to anger the gods o' Memoriam, part 2 just before I was to begin the show, I went through the rigamarole of switching and checking all of my fries-with-boots when my must allied comrade in arms 'n' boots would not come alive. I began jimmying with the AC cord as a pathetic sort of resuscitation, but it would only intermittently come alive - perhance a loose internal connection - but then, lo! I noticed the electric cord was torn just outside the box (where the cord meets the appliance, so t'speak), and like the true genius I am, I wiggled the cord back into copper-on-copper contact and ZAP! a room-illuminating spark blossomed just hairs away from my fingers. and my feet where steeped in a fresh puddle of beer. double willickers.

without my closest ally, I was but a poor excuse for my poor excuse of a self, but nevertheless the show did go on and so it did. the versions of bitches brew and sly went alright all things considered although the departures on brew didn't allow for much of a veil in return. the conventional bits didn't go smoothly at all - highlighted little but my lack o' wit. the final excursion went quite well, as the Sound and the Fury (otherly known as chad p. robinson) was a major asset to the enterprise. the set list for those playing the home version:

PIT STOP | pokum | LQR THNR [v5.3] | pigs win! | CHERRYVALE | brew | sly | brother john | PIERPONT | INCHWORM [with invaluable aid from John Barry, Marvin Hamlisch and the Sound & the Fury].

I believe this was the show that afterwards one of the few wayfarers commented that he hated everything I did on stage. Everything. Hated. Thank you and good night.

the chambana years [highly abridged] 1994-1998