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donkeyscratch industries
the well from which all
amplified 'ukulele mayhem
springs forth...
innovative, heavily amplified, individualistic, boldly teetering on the brink of oddity
[ Aimee Rickman | The Octopus ]
runs the gamut from clear and delicate chimes to shuddering shimmering Sonny Sharrock-like frequencies with a paradoxical natural grace
over the course of many years and many self-released albums he's nimbly piloted his unlikely vehicle into uncharted territory again and again, making pulsating, variegated, beautiful noise
[ Monica Kendrick | Chicago Reader ]
i'm so stunned by the versatility, beauty and ugliness unleashed by this little chunk of aluminum that i took for granted that i don't know whether to love it or fear it
[ Rodney Gibbs | Splendid ]
the kind of wall-of-sound music that Phil Spector would shoot you over
[ Mark Bell | Film Threat ]
his ukulele can generate a cauldron of noise, but it is also capable of transcending the chaos with a blissful melody
[ Steve Clarkson | Metro ]
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